Casino games – Slot machines

Ever since slot machines were invented, they have captured the human imagination. They were first introduced in their reels form in 1895 and since then have been developed over the years. In the beginning, jackpots couldn’t be very high, since the typical reel combinations were generally such that high payouts couldn’t be guaranteed along with a profit for the casino. Later, weighted machines were invented, which allowed certain probabilities to be given more importance, thereby making slot machines very profitable. Higher jackpots could therefore be allowed, and they attracted even more players. These days, computerized slot machines allow even higher probabilities, thereby making even more expensive jackpots possible (more info here

Because playing slot machines requires only money and a taste for gambling, most slot machines tend to bring a lot of money for the casino – up to 70% of a casino’s revenues can be from slot machines alone, thereby representing a huge profit for them.

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